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STEP 2 Place Template and Pavers

Place Template

Next, unroll or unfold your PaverTurf Template and set in the desired area of finished space.   You can use 4" landscape staples to pin corners in place if needed as well as any overlapping seams, if connecting multiple Template pieces. There will usually be a 3" overlap built into the Template for larger designs using multiple Template pieces. Arrange and trim to fit any areas as necessary. This is the time to work out any layout issues and overall placement. Once the pavers go down it is a lot more work to have to make any adjustments to the finished product. 

PaverTurf Template

 Photo Courtesy of Taryn   Whiteaker Designs 

Place pavers in designated areas per Template design and cut any half tiles as needed. Use a good diamond tile cutting blade on an angle grinder, skill saw, or preferably a wet tile saw. Porcelain Tiles are very hard and can chip or break when cutting. If you do not have the proper tools or know how, it may be best to take them to a professional company for this step. 

Place Tiles
PaverTurf Template and Pavers

 Photo Courtesy of Taryn   Whiteaker Designs 


Cutting 2CM Pavers

Photo Courtesy of Taryn Whiteaker Designs

Once all of your tiles are down, take a look from all sides.  Make any adjustments and line up all paver edges as straight as possible.  A little nudge in the right spot with your toe works best!

PaverTurf Diamond Pattern Pavers

 Photo Courtesy of Taryn   Whiteaker Designs 

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