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STEP 3 Prep & Install PaverTurf Grid

In a flat area, unroll your Pre-Cut Turf Roll. The grass fibers should be facing down with the backing side up. Carefully trim the 1" tabs on all the squares and remove (these can be repurposed). You will need to trim the vertical scrim edges off of each turf side. Make sure you leave enough extra width per your design plan (to trim off excess in-place) if you will be butting the turf to another element (house wall, curb, pool coping, curb, etc.) If applicable, section off any other grouped pieces per cut plan. Next, flip the turf grid over (you may need to fold as necessary) and place Turf Grid in the appropriate area per layout plan. Make sure to place the direction of the fibers toward the focal point. (Remember the Turf is Directional)

PaverTurf preparation

Next, start at one side or corner and tuck in the edges around each paver and smooth out any any uneven areas as you work your way to the other side making sure all turf surfaces are laying flat and there is no puckering. You may need to make minor adjustments to the paver placements as necessary to fit the turf properly, this is normal.    

Installing PaverTurf Grids

Make sure to trim any edges and connection points, as necessary. Secure any seams with the provided tape or glue prior to adding nails or any infill sand. We recommend rolling any tape joints with a carpet seam roller to firmly adhere the turf backing to the tape glue. The tape will be more pliable in warmer weather. For best results use in Temps above 50 degrees.  

PaverTurf Installation

You are on the home stretch!  Keep up the great work!  You got this!

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