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How To Install a PAVERTURF Patio or Walkway Grid LIKE A BOSS!

with our easy to follow 4 step process


1) You will need to prepare your base prior to installation of our PaverTurf materials. This may require removal of earth/grass/soil and adding a minimum of 4" of a compactable rock aggregate material. The base needs to be smoothed and firmly compacted.

2) You will need to offload large heavy turf rolls from the back of a semi-truck and must be able to move and position them in place.

3) We can only ship full tiles. A Diamond Grid Pattern requires you to cut many tiles in half.
 This can be challenging without experience or the proper tools.

4) You will need to cut and trim some turf. For roll integrity and shipping purposes all paver cutouts will be left in place by tabs and will need to be removed. The pre-cut grid rolls will be cut as much as possible for your design specification, but it is impossible to make all of the finish cuts at the factory. All perimeter edges will need to be finish trimmed on-site.

5) Additionally, you will need to purchase Turf Nails for fastening and Silica Sand for infilling the turf
, lastly. These are not provided in our PaverTurf kits. We can quote this material, but you will have to request it. 

Preferred Nails - 20D 4" Small Head
Alternative Nails - 16D 3.5" Spiral Deck Nails
Preferred Infill - Envirofill Green/Black 16-30 

Alternative Infill - Silica Sand 16-30 or 20-40 size

Special Tools:
Must Haves (Specialty Tools):
Carpet Utility/Knife and many sharp blades
Carpet Seam Roller Tool (only if there are multiple pieces that will need connecting via tape or glue) $20



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