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​Call us, we love creating new products and trying new turf applications. 

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Call us (877) 425-5505 

PaverTurf is on a mission to make beautiful & affordable synthetic turf & paver walkways and landscapes possible for everyone to enjoy. 


PaverTurf is the leader for custom turf fabrication when it comes to outdoor landscape projects. After years of experience and countless installations, including thousands of cuts and glue joints, we developed a more efficient fabrication & install method.  As demand kept growing for our paver and grass designs, PaverTurf was born and launched from Jupiter, FL. We are paving the way for quicker & easier installations without the hassle.  Now, with our patented system - DIYers, landscapers & all contractors can enjoy a custom PaverTurf designed outdoor space anywhere in the country.   ​

Learn About Our Product Sustainability and Technology

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