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STEP 1 Evaluation & Elevations

Make sure to survey the existing surface condition. If lots of cracks, weeds and uneven surfaces are present, it will present a few challenges. Also, you must make sure of proper pitch & drainage, if near any buildings or critical areas. If water is already a problem then it should be properly addressed during preparations.    

Installing PaverTurf over concrete

Next, all the surrounding elevations must be considered since you will be adding or increasing the surface height +2 inches at a minimum (if you have a relatively clean and level surface) between the Brock PaverBase, Pavers and Turf. You do not want to create any tripping hazards or unnecessary liabilities.  Depending on your start, end points, and elevations of the butting or surrounding area(s), you may need to consider adding some type of edging or border (4" x 4", metal edging, curbing, step, etc). Keeping in mind you must be able to contain, support or hold together any new or raised materials or have enough space to properly taper edges.

Next, if your concrete surface is in good condition go to Step 2.  

If your surface has any cracking and weed growth, it is recommended to apply a fabric weed barrier over the entire surface.  And if the surface is uneven with lifted edges or areas, then it is best to use a minimum 1" depth of leveling sand or more, if necessary to get the surface as smooth as possible. Screed the sand using a straight board. Use a standard 2×4, about 6 feet long, straight and true. Then Go To Step 2.

Screeding Sand

Next STEP 2

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