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STEP 4 STRIPS: Fasten Turf  

Make any final adjustments and depending on use and traffic patterns, it is recommended to use 4" galvanized spiral deck nails (20D) and fasten every 12" inches along the perimeter edges 1" in from the outside edge of turf. When nailing, be sure to spread the turf away from the nail head so it doesn't trap any fibers and do not to drive the nails too deep (not past flush) which can leave a depression and pull on the turf. Additionally, 3.5" 16D galvanized finish nails can be added internally every 4"-6" on both sides 1" in from each edge, either aligned or alternating. Fluff or brush up the fibers around to cover the nail head, which should disappear in the thatch. 

PaverTURF Nails

Nailing around the pavers will help to secure the turf down and will help keep the turf edges from lifting up when brooming infill sand and preventing patches of sand in-between the edge of the turf strip and paver edge. 

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