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PaverTurf's Patent Pending method using the innovative 3 in 1 Easy Template for faster and easier installs. Takes all the guess work and labor out of paver placement and layout while acting as a weed barrier and glue fabric. Included at no extra cost with all of our Pre-Cut Turf Grids. Also, great for use with Strips, or Tiles w/Decorative Rock/Gravel. Checkerboard patterns available (gameboard templates). 


  • $1.25 Per Square Foot (300 SF Minimum)
  • Paver Tile patterns printed directly to fabric for easy placement
  • Made from heavy duty 3.0 oz lay flat material to prevent weed growth
  • Can glue turf or pavers directly to fabric surface where necessary
  • Allows water to pass through
  • Custom print patterns available

PaverTurf Template

Sales Tax Included
  • $1.25 per square foot. Can be customized per project. Designed to work seamlessly with PaverTURF Pre-Cut Grids, Squares, Strips, or Decorative Rock/Gravel. PaverTurf grid pattern printed on fabric for perfect paver placement every time.

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